TTAC Webinar: The Power of Our Practice: Addressing Racism and Systemic Inequity Through Early Childhood Mental Consultation.

TTAC was pleased to host an webinar titled The Power of Our Practice: Addressing Racism and Systemic Inequity Through Early Childhood Mental Consultation presented by Kadija Johnston, LCSW on Tuesday, September 22, 2020.

Like all other institutions in the United States, the early care and education system struggles with structural racism and perpetuates inequities. From access to expulsion, young children of color are disproportionately ill effected.

This webinar began by describing research findings that demonstrate the racial disparities in early care and education settings. Familiarized with the institutional inequities, we turned our attention to another set of studies showing the salutary impact of ECMH Consultation on reducing racial disproportionalities in disciplinary and expulsion practices in child care and improving child outcomes.

Based on recent research and by revisiting elements of the Consultative Stance, we identified aspects of ECMH Consultation that catalyze change. Reflecting on ECMH Consultation’s effect, participants were introduced to and encouraged to ponder the power of the intervention as a disruptor of racism and their role as proponents of social justice.


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About the Presenter:

Kadija Johnston L.C.S.W is the Director of the Infant-Parent Program (IPP), in the Division of Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. She has been a practitioner in the field of infant and early childhood mental health (I/ECMH) since 1985. She developed the Infant-Parent Program’s Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) Consultation component in 1988, which now serves as a model for other organizations, locally, nationally and internationally. She has provided TA and training in I/ECMH Consultation to organizations in 23 states and internationally. She serves as an expert advisor for the SAMHSA supported Center of Excellence in ECMH Consultation and is a founding member of RAINE, a group of national experts advancing practice, policy and research in ECMH Consultation.

Ms. Johnston writes and lectures nationally on infant and early childhood mental health consultation. In addition to numerous articles on the subject, she co-authored Mental Health Consultation in Child Care: Transforming Relationships With Directors, Staff, and Families with Dr. Charles Brinamen, for which they were awarded the Irving B. Harris Award for contributions to early childhood scholarship. Ms. Johnston also trains in the areas of perinatal, infant and early childhood mental health service modalities; reflective supervision, mental health systems integration and mental health service disparities for underserved children and families.