TTAC Part 2 Webinar: Understanding the Effects of Loss of a Parent or Caregiver from COVID-19 on Youth and Adolescents and Ways to Provide Support

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in over 40,000 children and adolescents in the United States losing a parent to COVID-19. Mitigating the impact of the trauma is not easy-especially as the pandemic continues to unfold. 

Youth, ages 6 and over, and adolescents react differently than younger children to the death of a parent or caregiver. They are at increased risk of experiencing traumatic grief, depression, interference with educational outcomes, and risk-taking behaviors. Youth and adolescents may have been unable to visit with sick parents and say goodbye.  The very things that do so much to help in the recovery from grief - active engagement with teachers, counselors, and extended family - have been limited due to COVID-19 restrictions to prevent further illness.

Explore this timely presentation with Loss & Grief Trauma national expert Joy D. Osofsky, Ph.D. from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. 

This webinar described the reactions of youth and adolescents to loss of a parent or caregiver, ways to recognize difficulties and provide help and support, and interventions to build resilience.


  • learned about the ways that loss of a parent or caregiver can impact on youth and adolescents during COVID-19 including developmental issues of concern.
  • learned about typical signs of loss and grieving among youth and adolescents as well as signs that the young person may need professional support.
  • learned about the different ways that youth and adolescents may respond depending on the circumstances, the effects on their family and ways to involve them to support their resilience.

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