TTAC Part 1 Webinar: Young Children Impacted by Parental/Caregiver Loss during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Ways to Provide Support

How have children, families, and caregivers been impacted by COVID-19's indefinite uncertainty duration – when will it be controlled – combined with anxiety and worry about illness and death for family and friends?

Explore this timely presentation with Loss & Grief Trauma national expert Joy D. Osofsky, Ph.D. from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. 

This webinar focused on the impact of loss on young children, ways to recognize difficulties and provide support, and activities and interventions to build resilience.


  • learned about the impact of the many losses and the grieving process brought about by COVID-19 with attention to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers
  • understood the ways that infants and young children respond to parent and caregivers losses through changes in their behaviors, moods and play.
  • deepen their understanding of their culturally diverse grieving processes as well as the importance of self-care for those who are treating and supporting young children impacted by parental or caregiver loss during the pandemic.

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